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Buy Goethe certificate online,  the Goethe Institute is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1951, it works towards promoting German language and culture across the globe. Through its 70 years of operation, The Goethe Institute has established itself as a leading authority in German language teaching and its qualifications are recognized worldwide.

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Goethe Zertifikats: A2 – C1


The Goethe Zertifikats are your route to proving your German skills through the leading authority of the German language, The Goethe Institute. The Goethe institute offers a wide range of certificates that can apply towards any variety of learners– from basic to expert. The levels correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and will prove your comprehension of that level in German. 

Level required?

The level required for these certificates will depend on the qualification you are applying for. To qualify for the certificate, you must prove that you possess the knowledge equivalent to its corresponding CEFR grade.  Buy Goethe certificate online

If you would like to find out what exact level of knowledge you should have, don’t hesitate to contact us! 

What does the test involve?

The Zertifikats are generally divided into four sections:

  1. Written test
  2. Oral test
  3. Listening exam 
  4. Reading comprehension


The Goethe Zertifikats are internationally renowned and highly valued by employers in both the public and private sectors. In Germany, it is accepted as proof of language skills required when applying for German citizenship.


Goethe-Test Pro


The Goethe Test Pro is a test designed for professionals wishing to gain a clear and honest picture of their German language level. The test will provide a personalized grade and certificate that will prove your German language level. While the test is designed for professionals, it can be taken by anyone wishing to learn more about their own abilities or prove them to a third party.

Level required?

The Goethe-Test Pro is available to anyone wishing to test their German level.

What does the Goethe-Test Pro Involve?

The Goethe Test is an online exam that provides questions tailored in difficulty depending on the answers given by the student. The result is then provided instantaneously, making for a much less suspenseful experience!


As a well-respected and prestigious institute, Goethe certificates are widely respected and recognized across the world. The Goethe-Test pro is largely accepted among employers as a valid proof of German language proficiency.

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