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buy TELC certificate online, TELC is a subsidiary of the German Adult Education Association (Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband e.V.), supporting further education for personal and professional development in the interest of the general public. The organization is the federal government’s exclusive partner for the language tests taken at the end of the integration courses for migrants.

TELC certificates are recognized worldwide as official proof of German language competence, in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Level required

Since 2001, the TELC Deutsch B2 examination has served as the extension of the Zertifikat Deutsch PLUS, applying the same language level requirements (B2). Buy TELC certificate online, buy TELC certificate without exam in Germany, buy valid TELC certificate online, buy genuine TELC certificate online, get TELC certificate online, how to get TELC certificate, TELC b1 exam preparation, TELC the European language certificate, buy TELC certificate online.



The TELC Deutsch B2 certificate attests a good command of the German language in a wide range of communication situations which may be encountered in everyday life and in the workplace.

TELC certificates are recognized by companies, official bodies and universities/higher education institutions throughout the world.

Our partner schools in Berlin and Freiburg are accredited by TELC and offer TELC German exam preparation courses throughout the year (for levels B1 / B2 / C1). In both schools, exams can be taken on site (on request, by accredited examiners).


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